About Us

About Us

Relying on more than 10 years of professional experience in field of buying and selling gold and jewelries, by analysis the limitationsÙˆby analysis the limitationslin , pros, cons and potentials, Jelwe Gallery is honored to employ a new approach in designing, production, selling and consulting.  Jelwe gallery is not only a business center (facilitating sale), but also a socio_cultural club (Providing specialized training, awareness and empowerment of customers in recognizing Type, method of calculation and value of goods). Have commenced in 2020, Jelwe gallery is a startup employing past experience traditional ways and a brilliant future.

Goals and missions

Based on the accountability approach, being responsive and market knowledge, changes in lifestyle and its impact on type of shopping, also considering people increasing awareness and expectation in business, Jelwe group desire to incorporate the customers in the process of purchasing or investment based on their style and financial ability. This group aims at developing its market to the national and international level. Identifying, training and attracting workforce with different abilities. Fortunately, taking gold and jewelry order from different cities of Iran has defined us a great ground of services which is a heavy responsible and a hopeful factor at the same time. 

Jelwe manpower

Jelwe group always committed itself to get consulting from different expertsin gold and jewelry field, marketing, finance, economy, psychology, photography, IT and social discipline